Darden School of Business MBA, strategy consultant, author and co-founder of JAS (Joie Avec Sans), an alcohol-free beverage brand that is fueled by a mission to shake up how we socialize.

Prior to founding JAS, I founded La Niña del Mezcal and ŌME Spirits, companies that promote awareness of artisanal Mezcal and other agave spirits in order to preserve their traditional production processes and position Mexican spirits as premium spirits in international markets.

In 2012, I fell in love with Oaxaca and my passion for agave led me to establish one of the first blogs about Mezcal and the culture that surrounds it. In 2016, I was included in the “Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink” list by Fortune and Food & Wine Magazines, and in 2018 I authored my first book on agave spirits called “Tequila Made Me Do It” published by Harper Collins UK.

Today, I embrace and pursue an alcohol-free lifestyle and am passionate about creating products that allow everyone to enjoy every moment mindfully, while providing a new outlook on how living alcohol-free can be fun and easy.

Committed to challenge the status quo on drinking, I see an alcohol-free lifestyle as more than mere abstinence; it’s a journey of empowerment and profound transformation. Through my experiences and endeavors, I aim to showcase that living without alcohol not only empowers individuals but also catalyzes positive, transformative changes, providing a refreshing perspective on the possibilities that come with embracing a different way of life.

As a public speaker, I share insights on entrepreneurship and the evolving drinking culture. My talks explore the intersection of business, culture, and innovation, inspiring audiences to rethink conventional norms and embrace new perspectives.

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