JAS | Joie Avec Sans

Alcohol-free cocktails for everyone.

Brand concept, design, and development by Cecilia Rios Murrieta

Founded in 2021, JAS is an alcohol-free beverage company that allows everyone to participate in the social ritual of drinking without compromise, by mindfully creating beverages that emulate the look, taste, and mouth-feel of traditional alcoholic beverages. Without barrier, JAS is designed to integrate seamlessly into everyday social drinking rituals – allowing everyone to participate as they are.

Flavorful, complex, and mindfully crafted beverages that can be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere. JAS is the celebration of living free, without compromise.

cecilia rios murrieta, founder & ceo

JAS was founded on the philosophy that living alcohol-free does not mean that you are missing out on anything in life. On the contrary, the drinking experience can be enhanced by better tasting, mindfully crafted and functional beverages that are designed to seamlessly integrate into everyday social drinking rituals – and that allow the “non-drinker” to celebrate every moment with intention. JAS is the state of living free, enjoying life without compromise.

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