The bold alcohol-free cocktail

Concept, brand strategy & product development

In 2018, Cecilia (formerly known as La Nina del Mezcal) made a bold move, deciding to part ways with her Mezcal company to dive headfirst into her sobriety journey. It wasn’t just a career pivot; it was a radical shift in her relationship with alcohol, a journey toward discovering a lifestyle that screamed authenticity and choice.


Fueled by a love for mixing it up and a mission to shake up how we socialize, co-founders Cecilia Rios Murrieta and Jaymee Mandeville, created JAS in the wild ride that was 2020. Beyond just a brand, JAS is a lifestyle — it’s the cool, unconventional clique that’s all about choice, exceptional flavor, and a vibe that transcends the typical drinking scene.

Rooted in community love and audacious dreams, JAS isn’t just a drink; it’s an unstoppable movement. It is about breaking free from the usual and diving into a world where options rule, and taste is everything.

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